December Flash Fiction: Portland, Oregon by Jim Bartruff

Portland, Oregon

Jim Bartruff

The checkout person was an overweight in a healthful kind of way white guy maybe around thirty and potentially supergay. Short hair, I think. It was more like a middle-aged guy who drinks beer with a big belly that was hard and it was more like he was humorous which makes you seem that much more attractive. After he rang up our stuff, he turnedaround the display and it was ‘666.’ Then he points to his name tag and it says ‘Faust.’ 

“My best friend’s name is Dorian,” he said. 

The whole checkout line behind us started laughing.

Jim Bartruff’s work has appeared in Fat City Review, New Verse News, Two Hawks Quarterly, American Tanka, JAMA, Canto, Barney, Marilyn, and many others. He is a past winner of the William Carlos Williams prize while attending the University of Rochester School of Medicine, and Academy of American Poets prize as UCLA undergraduate. He lives in Portland, Oregon.