June Flash Fiction: Goldilocks by María C. Domínguez


María C. Domínguez

Shirley Temple doesn´t stop swinging, her legs two striped lollies. She glares at everyone. Riding the tube talking non-stop. When she’s ignored she sings Jack and Jill again and again. Overworked mother the woman multiplying her tasks in threes. She´s grumpy he´s a ratHad a very bad day her daughter doesn´t stop why is? why not? am I going to marry Daddy? Limp hair hasn´t been cared for for months. Disheveled coat stained and threadbare. The ex the daddy has just called to cancel her weekend alone. Fuming and about to explode. Before she knows she´s said daddy doesn’t like Goldilocks, daddy likes other daddiesThe words she vowed never to say making her daughter alert and even more verbose as she chants so do I mummy, so do I.

María C. Domínguez was born and raised in London. She has written a book of poetry titled “Four Hands” (A Cuatro Manos) with Jacobo Valcárcel. Her poems have appeared in Blaze Vox, Retort, The Argotist, Message in a Bottle, Bareknuckle Poet and many other literary magazines. In addition Maria is a freelance writer, translator and proofreader. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in English Philology.