Gambling the Aisle Issue 7 is now available!

To our loyal readers–

Gambling the Aisle magazine is proud to announce the release of Issue 7 (or, what would have been called “Winter 2014” before we changed the numbering system).  Although some decisions were difficult to make, we think you will enjoy the final product.  A special thank you to everyone who contributed this time around, your submissions are what make us “Denver’s 2nd Best Lit Mag.”  This issue marks the beginning of a new era for our magazine, as we have officially added Jenna Park to the editorial staff.  She has a sharp eye, good taste, and she’s certainly earned the promotion.  “Scout” assumed her full share of editorial responsibilities for Issue 7, so please edit your correspondence to read “…the four of you can go to hell.”

We’re working on some merchandise to give you in exchange for your donation dollars, but in the meantime: Have you considered picking up a copy of Vanessa Cuoto Johnson’s Life of Francis?  Vanessa is the winner of second annual chapbook competition, and we are honored to make her work available to you.  Each copy of Life of Francis is by bound by hand and printed on high quality paper.  It is available for purchase through the GtA store, and comes with a free copy of the magazine if you order before we stop our print run.

Let us know what you think of Issue 7, we sincerely appreciate your interest and hope you’ll consider submitting.

Keep gambling,

The Editors