Writers Everyone Should Know

There is a misconception that all great writers write novels and I’m going to take a second to prove otherwise. There are a myriad of platforms out there filled with great writers: children’s books, video games, radio, podcasts, YouTube shows, cartoons, board games, and comic books among many many more and it’s necessary to recognize such talent both for your betterment and my entertainment.

This post is about one of the great comic book writers of our time, my personal hero Brian K Vaughn.

Brian K Vaughn

If you already read comics then you probably know him, if you don’t read comics then this is a great place to start. He’s one of the brightest in the industry and he has crafted stories for almost every major comic publisher. Some of Vaughn’s more renowned titles are Saga, Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, and The Private Eye. His series have so far won him four Eisner Awards, one Rave award and he’s been nominated for nine other Eisner Awards and one Hugo Award. Along with comics Brian K Vaughn has been a writer-producer for a few television series, mayhaps you’ve heard of Lost or Under the Dome.

What sets Vaughn apart from other writers in his industry is that he understands that comic books are a prime storytelling venue good for more than just caped do-gooders and cheesy catchphrases (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

His stories gives you something genuine. They’re rich with style and emotion and by the end you feel like a better person for reading it; you’re wiser, stronger, and possibly better looking. Vaughn’s characters are sincere which is something not often seen in the comic book world, especially these days when some of the big guys are publishing for your wallet and not your heart/brain/soul/empty void. In fact, after my marathon reading of Y: The Last Man, I was so struck with emotion that I promptly framed the last page and hung it on my wall, where it stills hangs to this day.

Mr. Vaughn is currently working on his continuing series, Saga with artist Fiona Staples (available from Image comics), The Private Eye with artist Marcos Martin and colorist Muntsa Vicente (available at www.panelsyndicate.com where you name your own price), and he is also working on  the television series Under the Dome.

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