Book Recommends & What We’re Reading

Patrick K. (Editor): The Professor’s House by Willa Cather


I’m reading and rereading and rereading Willa Cather’s The Professor’s House. I’m mining it for a paper, but the thing I can’t stop pondering is the name Rosamond.

What do I think of this name? I don’t know. Is it sexy? Why didn’t I know any Rosamond’s in high school? What happens when a name ceases to be carried, placed between the lips and tongue, spoken to the world?

I searched for it and Google suggested Rosamond Park, which is in Denver, and which, to my delight, I used to run around. How close the things we think so distant. For years I circled Rosamond without knowing.

John C. (Editor): The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl


I almost never read just one thing but this week I am working on The Dante Club, a murder mystery set around the time of Longfellow; Joseph Campbell’s The Inner Reaches of Outer Space. Published in 2003 Matthew Pearl’s novel made its way onto several best sellers lists including: The Washington Post’s, The Boston Globe’s, and The New York Times’s.

Andy N. (Staff Writer): Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins


Oh mighty gods and goddesses of literacy, if you grant me one thing let it be the skill to write like Tom Robbins. I am currently swimming my way through Robbins’ ocean of poetic prose called Still Life with Woodpecker and the book is so enthralling that I find myself  giving serious thought to a new tattoo in its honor. The story covers everything from aliens to homemade bombs to octogenarian cocaine addicts. The text is written with a superb lyrical style that no one but Robbins could muster and I find his voice infecting my mind, warping it into a beautiful mush of adjectives. If you can read only one Tom Robbins book then let it be this one.

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